Privacy Policy

Contemporary Kogei Art Fair General Inc. ("KOGEI") established its own privacy policy and regulations with the aim of protecting personal information in conformity with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards). We comply with those policies and regulations to protect personal information.

Compliance Program

KOGEI strives to make employees and executives to understand the importance of personal information and secure confidential information. KOGEI sets our compliance program and continues to improve our management of personal information.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of personal information

In collection of personal information, KOGEI specifies purpose and executes a fair and legal manner within our activities.

KOGEI does not provide personal information to third party without any consent of resources. KOGEI makes appropriate protection measures in collection of personal information.


To protect from illegal access, disclosure, leak, KOGEI executes a security measure including information security program.

Legal Compliance

KOGEI complies with laws and regulations which are applicable in terms of personal information.

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