Congratulatory messages from Morihiro Hosokawa

Even the greatest river starts from a drop of rain fall.

An artist may try hard to seek the best clay, create some shapes, heat up a kiln for firing clay materials and produce unique works. If you deem these processes as a rain drop, you may consider the Kogei Art Fair this time as a river running from valley down to a mountain village. I see it as a state of flux indeed.

I very much expect the explicit manifestation of pure originality shown by 55 artists.

I sincerely wish that the First Kogei Art Fair turns into the major stream before long.

Morihiro Hosokawa

Ex-Prime Minister of Japan


Congratulatory messages from Sogi Tachibana

A chamber appearing in Buddhism Yuima-kyo (Vimalakirti Sutra) has the same size as the Rikyu-Soan (thatched hut) tea-ceremony room quite incidentally.  The chamber is empty, while the room is the realm of the six perception roots purification.

Existence of articles in the empty space for purifying six perception roots is essential for building tea-ceremony performance successfully.  I strongly hope we may see these articles at this occasion.

Sogi Tachibana

The Chief Priest, a sub-temple of Daitoku-ji

At Kyoto, Murasakino, Daitoku-ji’s Shoja


Congratulatory messages from Akane Teshigawara

Today, we all are eagerly seeking for something truly beautiful, reaching to the bottom of our hearts and setting our souls really free. It will be solely perceived when we commit ourselves to firmly stand on the earth, squarely stare upon the present time and sincerely face to the past time.

I like to express my desire that the First Contemporary Kogei Art Fair may provide us with the opportunity to identify genuine matters for our stepping into the future.

Akane Teshigawara

The head of Sogetsu school of flower arrangement. 


we now have the English Website.

We are pleased to announce that we now have the English Website.