The first Contemporary Kogei Art Fair will be held on March 5th and 6th, a little earlier than cherry’s being in full bloom.

This is a spring festive contest among 55 outstanding Kogei artists who individually represent current Japan. It might be noteworthy that this is the very first trial in Japan focusing solely on Kogei Art.

We intend that this event will surely present a trigger to restore our pride and confidence about Japan, which has been tarnished through a long lasting slump in many social aspects, by rediscovering its world revered beauty.

Japan’s Kogei Art is deeply rooted in its nature, consisting of mountain soil filled with fresh greens, clear murmuring water and flame sparking winds. Techniques having been cultivated for a long period of time and taken over by many generations, and work of current artists who make no compromise create Japan’s Kogei masterpieces.

We sincerely believe that this event offers you a new gateway to Japan’s beauty to be reappraised.

*KOGEI, a word literally meaning some kind of arts which are “Material & Process- Based-Art”, represents here the Japanese Fine Art with a broader implication of some spiritual and philosophical aspects.

Contemporary KOGEI Art Fair